Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Fitness Sessions, Health & Wellbeing and Tailored Programs


No, you have the choice of five subscriptions within the month that cover face to face and/or online sessions. The idea is that those who can attend the face to face outdoor sessions can and those that don’t live locally to the face to face outdoor sessions, or are not able to attend due to work or domestic commitments, can choose the online sessions. Also, for those that want to really benefit from the total of 9 sessions per week and have the flexibility not to miss out due to work and Family commitments,can subscribe for both the online and face to face fitness sessions through the Mix & Match monthly subscription!

Yes. Anyone can subscribe for both the weekly face to face and the online fitness sessions within the month as part of the Mix & Match subscription.

No. Both the online and face to face fitness sessions are tailored and designed to accommodate all fitness level abilities ranging from complete beginner through to advanced athlete.

Suitable clothing needs to be worn during the online and face to face outdoor fitness sessions including trainers for online sessions and ideally trail shoes for the face to face sessions. Time of year and weather dictate what needs to be worn when training outside including a warm hat, gloves and head torch if needed and loose cool clothing for the warmer days.

The face to face fitness sessions usually take place on private property of an educational establishment which means there are toilet facilities available. If the face to face outdoor sessions are held in a public park, then discretion and common sense need to be used!

Each subscription is based on an individual only. There are adult and child ticket subscriptions available if additional members of the Family would like to join in.

For the online fitness sessions, they are in the comfort of your own home either indoors or if you have space, outdoors. The face to face sessions are run usually on the Grange Lane sports fields in Winsford, Cheshire.

Yes. Each week, every month throughout the year whatever the weather. The only days we don’t train are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Under 16 (Child ticket) £25 per month / 16 and over (Adult ticket) £45 per month and to access all sessions throughout the month at your choosing it is £55 per person per month.

No. Just yourself, a bottle of water and a big bag of can-do approach 🙂

Click on this link and see you there: 

Yes. There are corporate organisations and also Friends and Family that access the private group fitness sessions. To enquire:

Yes. A free 20 minute consultation is provided initially to assess the needs and expected outcomes of the individual. Following that, a programme is agreed and we then get straight to work.

You need access to the software called ‘Zoom’ on your chosen device, but ideally using a device with as big a screen as possible. An invite link is sent out to you via e-mail and all you need to do is then set yourself up, click the link and be ready 15 minutes before the session. You will also need a full water bottle and a chosen space to train in, either outdoors or indoors. You will need to make sure your internet connection is good wherever you choose to train.

There are a total of 9 fitness training sessions per week at various times including face to face and online options.

Yes, various times include: 7.30-8.30am / 9.30-10.30am / 6.30-7.30pm midweek and then 9-10am on a Saturday.

Yes, there is a carefully organised three colour bib system designed so all abilities and levels of fitness can train together as an inclusive experience where everyone feels they have achieved and had a good work-out. These are: Green for beginners, Purple for Intermediate and Orange for Advanced.

Health & Wellbeing

Yes. These are tailor made and usually consist of a 12 week programme with one workshop per week. However, as the programmes are designed to fit the requirements and beyond, the duration of time a programme focuses on can be shorter or longer than 12 weeks.

Yes. These usually occur during one and two day fitness camps but can be arranged around the requirements of the individual or private group any time throughout the year.

At any one time, there can be up to 100 participants online. However the ideal is a maximum of 40 per session to keep it personable and beneficial to the participants.

As the workshops last for 45 minutes in total, you will need to be in a place where   you feel relaxed and comfortable, with good access to the internet and also a device with the software ‘zoom’ on it. With the online workshops, it is always best to have a big screen e.g. PC, Laptop, iPad as there is more functionality with the bigger screen. Always have to hand paper and something to write with too and bring with you a list of questions as there is a QnA session at the end of the workshop to help address specific audience questions.

The Workshops are set up to cover a wide range of topics spanning over the 12 week period which include: Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Acid/Alkaline diets to help ward off illness and disease, Glycaemic index to understand the effect of foods on your blood sugar levels, Nutrition to increase performance during exercise, Nutrition to increase speed on recovery post exercise, The importance of the small intestine and how it works, Nutrient deficient food and the use of supplements; what to avoid, what to use, when to take and what does it all mean, Hydration and nutrition to boost the immune system, increase energy levels and to create general mental agility, Mental fitness, emotional resilience & physical health, knowing self, method and mind to increase performance, Sports injury and sports injury rehabilitation, Quality of Life and personal performance. To discuss this in more detail, contact the team at: 

Guided Biking

These events are generally open to the public, however the main focus is on private group bookings.

Both. We schedule events with fixed routes to provide a specific experience, however we do specialise in putting together tailored itineraries based on the clients need and required outcome.

Yes you do in the UK, however for the International guided biking events, we can arrange your bike for you.

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Buff or similar covering for the mouth and nose
  • Small bike pack for food, water, clothing, first aid kit, bike repair kit and essentials
  • Clothing to suit to the weather and terrain
  • Glasses with sun protection and clear lenses
  • Footwear suitable for the weather, terrain and type of pedals on the bike

All UK Guided biking experiences last typically one day but for private bookings, the itinerary is tailor made so can last multiple days depending on the requirements of the group. For Internationals trips, these typically last from 4 days up to 2 weeks. For example, a short break to Slovenia, Italy and France would be two full days of guided biking and for a heli-biking experience in Kazakhstan, that would last for 9 days full remote camping and helicopter pick up guided biking.

There are two essential styles of international guided biking which cover 1) The short break trip which includes beautiful gentle trail and road routes including food and drink as key ingredients with accommodation being typically in a chalet or 3 star hotel, 2) then for the more adventurous longer guided biking adventures, they are typically camping and would need additional consideration of sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, pillow etc. Before embarking on either of these guided biking trip styles, a full suggested kit list is provided.

Short break 2 full day guided biking trip in Slovenia, Italy or France would be a total of a 4 day trip including travel.

The more adventurous guided biking trip in a location such as Kazakhstan, Morocco, British Columbia (Canada), or Tanzania would be between 9-14 days including flight travel.

Something that suits your bike pedal but ultimately a shoe that you feel comfortable in and won’t easily slip off the pedal

Pay close attention to weather reports and be prepared for all weather conditions. Also, the key is not to overheat or get cold. Trying to balance your activity, weather and where you will be is always a bit tricky, but the best preparation of knowing what clothing to take is by trying out what works best for you before you go on the trip.

As the guided biking itineraries are generally tailored to the group, the itinerary will reflect the group’s ability. However, our guided biking experts will carefully manage the group and the group's ability throughout the trip. You don’t need to have lots of experience to enjoy guided biking trips either in the UK on Internationally. You will however have lots of experience after the trip!

Yes, stops for food, water, safety briefs, scenery are all important and are carefully planned.

Guided Running

These events are generally open to the public, however the main focus is on private group bookings.

Are the guided running ‘tailor-made’ personalised to the customers or in specific locations and on specific routes? Both. We schedule events with fixed routes to provide a specific experience, however we do specialise in putting together tailored itineraries based on the clients need and required outcome.

  • Appropriate footwear and sock system to suit the terrain, weather and duration of the guided run
  • Correct clothing and protection for the weather 
  • Hydration, nutrition and first aid kit
  • Small running pack for your back carrying essential items in it to keep you safe, happy and performing where you want to be
  • Anti-friction gel that can go on the skin if hot-spots occur and blister care for the feet.

All UK guided running trips are for one day and the international guided running trips are usually from 2-5 full days of running with 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3hrs in the afternoon.

Road trainers for road and trail shoes for the ‘off-the-beaten-track’ routes. Ultimately ensure the footwear you choose works well for you and you are also happy with the socks you use with them.

Safety first so check the weather and ensure you prepare for the ‘What-ifs.’ Rubbing on the feet and other area of the body can ruin the day for you, so please ensure you are familiar with the clothing you choose that it is comfortable, fast drying, keeps your skin protected and doesn’t rub!

Yes! The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the experience. As long as you are healthy, free of injury and generally fit, you will have a great time. Don’t use the guided running trips to start your fitness regime.

Yes, the groups are carefully supported with the running guides paying close attention to individuals as well as the group. Stops will be created as and when needed with a key focus on everyone having a great day and going away with a strong sense of achievement.

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Customer Reviews

Performance To Summit

Customer Reviews

Paul - Sandbach

I have been doing these sessions with Performance To Summit and Dave Pickles for the last 3 years and cannot stress how much of a positive impact that these sessions have had on myself and family. Without a doubt the sessions are tough, but they are done in such a way that they are enjoyable and we look forward to them as a family. The sessions are all year round in all weathers,(rain, snow wind – all of them together) and during the winter in the dark, the true testament to me is that not only do my teenagers want to go regularly, without being pushed, but they along other teenagers within the group have been known to drag their reluctant parents to a session in the rain and dark in January, which is down to Dave, his motivational skills and the inspiration he gives us. The benefits we get from these sessions are not only physical, I can see how we have all grown in positive mental attitude, self-confidence and general wellbeing and I can see that in others who are part of the Performance To Summit family. I am not sure what I would do if these sessions ever stopped which was a massive concern for me once lockdown started, however, Dave launched the on line version which has been a fantastic success although I do still miss the face to face sessions and the interaction with the other Performance To Summit fitness family members.

Jackie - Tarvin

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Thomas - Tarvin

Carol - Davenham

Dave is so supportive and encouraging even when he’s pushing you to improve.
I have been involved in his fitness sessions for many months now and they keep me strong and flexible and as a 60+ year old I find this extremely important
I highly recommend his sessions - you won’t regret it

Laura - Kingsmead

The sessions are hard, but fun (if that’s possible)? Dave’s endless positivity turns any event into a positive one. The sessions during lockdown have been great, not only in order to keep fit but also to keep connected with others. We laugh, we smile, we grimace, but we are all fitter and stronger as a result. Why not give it a go?

Laura - Northwich

I began my journey with Performance To Summit following a recommendation from a friend who said it may help me improve my fitness and strength and help to resolve a long standing problem with sciatic pain caused by a problem with my Piriformis muscle.
When I began, I was reasonably fit having exercised regularly throughout my life, however this pain was causing me problems and I was becoming frustrated by not being able to exercise as I would like. I informed Dave of my injury and the exercises I took part in were adapted where needed to help with this injury. Through attending regularly and developing correct form on the functional exercises given by Dave my injury improved, to the point of being pain free. This was a really positive outcome and I continued to regularly attend Dave’s sessions and my fitness and strength has improved greatly. Initially I could not do more than a few sit ups or press ups and I can now confidently and correctly complete many sets of these during a session.
At every session Dave asks if there are any injuries or restrictions and then the exercises and sessions are adapted as needed. This is always done in a positive, reassuring and motivating way, so you never feel like you cannot achieve. His positivity and enthusiasm are unmeasurable. I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.

Abi - Sandbach

When I first started attending the Performance To Summit fitness sessions, I had ruptured my ACL and was waiting for surgery. In the weeks prior to my operation, through the fitness sessions, Dave encouraged me to get my knee and hamstring as strong as possible. Following surgery, even before I could walk without crutches, Dave devised exercises I could do whilst sitting and using my crutches in novel ways to keep my upper body active and me challenged! Through every stage of my rehabilitation, Dave was full of encouragement and constantly adapting exercises as part of the session to keep me motivated and fully involved. Still being able to be part of the Performance To Summit team was a huge boost mentally; being outside with an amazing group of like-minded people is great for self-esteem. The support I received from Dave through Performance To Summit was invaluable to my recovery; he made me believe in myself that I would reach my ultimate goal of getting back on the hockey pitch. Even though it was a year from operation to achieving this, Dave was always positive, always encouraging, and always listened to how I was feeling and how hard he could push me without ever making me feel like it was too much. Without Dave’s constant encouragement and positivity, I know my rehabilitation would have been much harder - his drive drove me - it’s infectious!

Neil -Sandbach

I have had lower back pain for many years and suffer from occasional acute exacerbations which can severely limit my mobility. This can be very frustrating for someone who is very keen on sport and exercise! I have attended the fitness sessions run by Dave for a number of years and he has provided great help and support in managing this chronic condition. Dave is able to tailor his sessions to help with rehabilitation, recommending appropriate exercises to increase mobility and core strength. He also pays great attention to the psychological aspects of injury, providing constant encouragement and motivation, which is key to recovery.