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Performance To Summit offers full FUNctional group fitness sessions both face-to-face and online, along with fitness camps, health and wellbeing workshops and UK & International guided walking and running experiences.

Getting clients fit, energised, and excited for any challenge faced, is the focus of these sessions, whilst creating a sense of achievement and progression.

The sessions accommodate individuals from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of performance wanting to exercise indoors or outdoors with the online and face to face sessions available.

Dave Pickles is your Chief Instructor along with experienced adventure summit guides. The Performance To Summit team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of health, wellbeing, nutrition, fitness, training and sports injury rehabilitation.

Importance of sports rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation and fitness focus after an injury or medical circumstance is essential to regain strength, motivation and endurance. After a physical medical issue or injury not only is it easy to pause all physical exercise and movement, but this may also occur mentally, due to losing the motivation and strength to proceed with fitness, either altogether or until fully recovered. However, at Performance To Summit we believe this shouldn’t be the case, as sports rehabilitation is key to the recovering process both physically, emotionally and mentally.

“When we are injured through sports and exercise it immediately challenges our morale, and in some cases to keep thinking clearly and make the right decisions. When this happens, we have two choices: 1) Stop and not to move 2) Keep training the rest of the body and stay motivated to heal in a strong sustainable way. Getting the right advice and being around positive motivated people is always important and by doing this, we can increase the speed at which we heel and also keep training the rest of our body, that isn’t directly affected by the injury. Keeping the body’s circulatory system, lymphatic drainage system and immune system up is critical to this process, along with increasing conscious breathing techniques, mental relaxation and keeping good posture.

Performance To Summit has been able to support and train individuals recovering from cancer, obesity, sport injury surgical intervention, pregnancy and childbirth, illness and also poor lifestyle choices. A holistic approach is always needed along with tailoring the approach to each individual within a group environment. However, the key ingredient is the individual and that individual wants to get better and regain their quality of life as quickly as possible through focus, determination, positivity and patience!”. – Dave Pickles, Performance To Summit Founder and Owner.

Speaking from experience

We interviewed 5 inspiring participants of Performance To Summit who have experienced a medical injury, recovery for an operation, and pregnancy/post birth recovery, to gather an insight into their sport rehabilitation through Performance to Summit group online and face to face fitness sessions.

When participants explained their reasoning for needing sports rehabilitation focus they said the following;

  1. “I have had a number of injuries, that have affected my ability to engage in physical activities in the way that I would like’, ‘I suffered with a back injury’,
  2. ‘I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament whilst skiing so I had to have reconstructive surgery on my knee. I also sprained my ankle playing hockey later on”.
  3. “I had breast reconstruction surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I was advised a reconstruction had ruptured and I needed surgery which was postponed several times due to the pandemic”.
  4. “I found out I was pregnant so I continued working out and did this up until 3- weeks till I gave birth and then afterwards”.

Each participant highlights a completely different health matter, however found the strength and persevered to take part in Performance To Summit online and face to face group fitness sessions.

Physical & mental limitations

Focusing on possible limitations the participants felt as a result of their health implications, one participant revealed they ‘couldn’t move for about a week post op’ another expressed ‘I struggled to find a new routine that kept me moving in the correct way to keep my back in good order’. Other participant’s limitations highlighted that it isn’t just physical limitations but also wellbeing concerns, ‘playing hockey is my biggest passion, so not being able to do this for a year did get me down; all of my injuries also affected me mentally’, and another said ‘waiting for what should have been an urgent procedure combined with the strain of working as a nurse during the pandemic and restrictions of family and travel has been challenging.’

These participants confirmed that when suffering with a physical injury/condition it can have many forms of limitations, not just physically but also mentally. This highlights the importance of sports rehabilitation recovery, not only to strengthen the physical focus of the body but also for the mind. Having something to work towards and be motivated for is a key attribute to achieving a strong, healthy recovery.

How Performance To Summit helped

After asking whether each Performance To Summit member felt the sessions and advice given helped them through their physical injuries, operations and pregnancy recovery, each response was extremely positive:

  • “Through PTS I have learnt that I am capable of more things that I thought possible and the sense of camaraderie within the group helped us all to support one another on our individual journeys when things start to feel tough. The sessions can be hard but knowing that being able to push through to the end gives us all a sense of empowerment, I personally have found that on difficult and challenging  days, be they work or personally related, it is the perfect way to help cope with them and destress”.
  • “I steamed through lockdown being healthier than I had ever been. Dave adjusted exercises and I recovered much quicker this time around, within a few weeks, not months. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and can easily adapt exercises to suit the abilities / ailments presented to him short or long term”.
  • “Dave was very encouraging; he focused on making sure I had strength around my knee, so that when I had the operation, I was in the best shape possible. Post operation, Dave always adapted the session to include me, which was amazing. It didn’t just improve my knee recovery, it also improved my mental health because I felt part of the group. He did things with the others but then also focused on what I could do, never pushing me too far but very encouraging and always being positive”.
  • “The physical and mental benefits of being with the PTS team have been invaluable. Being physically the fittest I’ve ever been in my life has reduced the risk of me catching covid 19 and if I did catch it, I had a better chance of survival due to being in the higher risk group of over 50 and female. It has enabled me to do my job effectively due to the mental benefits, being pushed to actual physical limits and realizing what your limits actually are. PTS has created a team community with endless enthusiasm amongst a fantastic group of people, which has been better than any pill or potion”.
  • “Dave was fantastic at amending exercises for me and asked if I felt comfortable doing certain things, which I was and I worked out up until 3- weeks till I gave birth. I think what was important for me was having the stamina for progression of getting bigger and carrying the extra weight and posture while pregnant, this benefitted me in terms of how I was feeling and how my body was reacting to pregnancy doing these classes three days a week. During this pregnancy I didn’t put as much weight on as I was working out and was conscious of how I was fueling my body also, to make sure I was giving the baby the best I could. My recovery after birth was pretty rapid with progress being quick, and I believe a lot of that was due to the exercises I did during pregnancy and afterwards. I believe I was smaller than I was before I fell pregnant, so this definitely contributed to an easier birth and post-birth recovery”.

The results

Overall, the response from Performance To Summit participants proves to be extremely positive. The popular themes that surfaced when asking clients their overall opinion on Performance To Summit classes, engagement and help provided; included ‘an ideal way to build self-confidence and good mental and physical health’.

Dave’s personalisation of sessions, enthusiasm and motivational attitude along with the incredible friends made within the team has been superb.

The team environment is valued highly by the clients and Performance To Summit as a company. The ‘family’ aspect within a group all aiming for similar goals is often hard to find, however each individual pushes each other to their maximum potential through support shown.

“The sessions are brilliant as everyone encourages everyone within the range of abilities Dave caters to everyone. I would say anyone should go to the fitness sessions as Dave will find the best of your abilities and bring it out”.

“I’d highly recommend PTS to any age and fitness level. You will be welcomed, kept safe, work to a good fitness level and have a lot of fun and giggles along the way.”

Thrive over survive
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Customer Reviews

Performance To Summit

Customer Reviews

Paul - Sandbach

I have been doing these sessions with Performance To Summit and Dave Pickles for the last 3 years and cannot stress how much of a positive impact that these sessions have had on myself and family. Without a doubt the sessions are tough, but they are done in such a way that they are enjoyable and we look forward to them as a family. The sessions are all year round in all weathers,(rain, snow wind – all of them together) and during the winter in the dark, the true testament to me is that not only do my teenagers want to go regularly, without being pushed, but they along other teenagers within the group have been known to drag their reluctant parents to a session in the rain and dark in January, which is down to Dave, his motivational skills and the inspiration he gives us. The benefits we get from these sessions are not only physical, I can see how we have all grown in positive mental attitude, self-confidence and general wellbeing and I can see that in others who are part of the Performance To Summit family. I am not sure what I would do if these sessions ever stopped which was a massive concern for me once lockdown started, however, Dave launched the on line version which has been a fantastic success although I do still miss the face to face sessions and the interaction with the other Performance To Summit fitness family members.

Jackie - Tarvin

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Thomas - Tarvin

Carol - Davenham

Dave is so supportive and encouraging even when he’s pushing you to improve.
I have been involved in his fitness sessions for many months now and they keep me strong and flexible and as a 60+ year old I find this extremely important
I highly recommend his sessions - you won’t regret it

Laura - Kingsmead

The sessions are hard, but fun (if that’s possible)? Dave’s endless positivity turns any event into a positive one. The sessions during lockdown have been great, not only in order to keep fit but also to keep connected with others. We laugh, we smile, we grimace, but we are all fitter and stronger as a result. Why not give it a go?

Laura - Northwich

I began my journey with Performance To Summit following a recommendation from a friend who said it may help me improve my fitness and strength and help to resolve a long standing problem with sciatic pain caused by a problem with my Piriformis muscle.
When I began, I was reasonably fit having exercised regularly throughout my life, however this pain was causing me problems and I was becoming frustrated by not being able to exercise as I would like. I informed Dave of my injury and the exercises I took part in were adapted where needed to help with this injury. Through attending regularly and developing correct form on the functional exercises given by Dave my injury improved, to the point of being pain free. This was a really positive outcome and I continued to regularly attend Dave’s sessions and my fitness and strength has improved greatly. Initially I could not do more than a few sit ups or press ups and I can now confidently and correctly complete many sets of these during a session.
At every session Dave asks if there are any injuries or restrictions and then the exercises and sessions are adapted as needed. This is always done in a positive, reassuring and motivating way, so you never feel like you cannot achieve. His positivity and enthusiasm are unmeasurable. I feel fitter and stronger than ever before.

Abi - Sandbach

When I first started attending the Performance To Summit fitness sessions, I had ruptured my ACL and was waiting for surgery. In the weeks prior to my operation, through the fitness sessions, Dave encouraged me to get my knee and hamstring as strong as possible. Following surgery, even before I could walk without crutches, Dave devised exercises I could do whilst sitting and using my crutches in novel ways to keep my upper body active and me challenged! Through every stage of my rehabilitation, Dave was full of encouragement and constantly adapting exercises as part of the session to keep me motivated and fully involved. Still being able to be part of the Performance To Summit team was a huge boost mentally; being outside with an amazing group of like-minded people is great for self-esteem. The support I received from Dave through Performance To Summit was invaluable to my recovery; he made me believe in myself that I would reach my ultimate goal of getting back on the hockey pitch. Even though it was a year from operation to achieving this, Dave was always positive, always encouraging, and always listened to how I was feeling and how hard he could push me without ever making me feel like it was too much. Without Dave’s constant encouragement and positivity, I know my rehabilitation would have been much harder - his drive drove me - it’s infectious!

Neil -Sandbach

I have had lower back pain for many years and suffer from occasional acute exacerbations which can severely limit my mobility. This can be very frustrating for someone who is very keen on sport and exercise! I have attended the fitness sessions run by Dave for a number of years and he has provided great help and support in managing this chronic condition. Dave is able to tailor his sessions to help with rehabilitation, recommending appropriate exercises to increase mobility and core strength. He also pays great attention to the psychological aspects of injury, providing constant encouragement and motivation, which is key to recovery.